Should You Get a Google Nexus Phone?

HTC Google Nexus One smartphone

Are you thinking of getting a new Google Nexus One Android smartphone? Should you?

Right now, there’s of course a ton of coverage about Google’s new “iPhone killer,” which most article headlines suggest really isn’t an iPhone killer. It’s apparently a great phone, with features the iPhone doesn’t have, but it may not live up to its hype, and some feel the phone is not revolutionary. The phone’s existence might actually hurt the Android platform.

Then again, Google seems to be going to great lengths to accommodate both carriers and Android handset manufacturers. Isn’t that revolutionary when they’re up against the iPhone’s more closed business model? Google is also willing to sell jailbroken Nexus phones to the consumer.

Now the Nexus One may have a small amount of storage capacity, but up against iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre and Motorola Droid, it has the lowest cost of ownership. But with Apple’s lead of three billion apps downloaded, how will Google catch up if Nexus One customers can’t get a phone delivered to the right address.

Now if you’re one of the many happy iPhone users that’s actually considering switching over to the Nexus One, you might want to read Google’s Scott Knaster’s tips for doing just that.


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