Apps Tally: Google Android=200K, Apple iOS=400K

Food for thought: The Apple Apps Store was recently estimated [Aysmco] at nearly 400,000 apps (iPhone, iPad-only, and universal), whereas another estimate now puts the Google Android Market at 200,000 apps[Pocket-lint].

Is it me or did Android catch up fast? According to Pocket-lint, the Android Market doubled in two months  There are other estimates that say the Android Market will hit 400,000 apps around mid-2011. Part of that will probably be due to the Android tablets that are expected to appear in 2011. However, with or without new versions of Apple’s iPad due out soon, the App Store is going to continue to grow.

Whether or not the Android Market will ever catch up to or pass the App Store is hard to tell at this point, but I do know from talking to recruiters looking for mobile developers that need for Android apps development skills are now at the point where are a few companies are paying a higher rate per hour than for iPhone dev skills, and at less experience.

What do you think? Will Android surpass iOS? Do you think an apps market with nearly half-a-million apps is a good or bad thing, i.e., for finding what you really want?

Links: AsymcoPocket-Lint.


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